Equestrian Breeding News and Information

Equine Breeding Classes for 2024

Class dates as now available for Equine Ultrasound, Equine Embryo Transfer and Stallion Semen Breeding at our location in Tomball, Texas. Our state of the art facility and copyrighted curriculum is perfect for anyone that wants to learn to breed their own horses. The hands-on academy was developed 22 years ago and has been training…
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August Schedule for Equine Breeding Classes

Horse Breeding Classes are Full for August, but we have several seats available in September!

I know you!  You have been following us on Facebook and reading over our website for a while now and you just haven’t found the time to come take our classes.  Equine Ultrasound, Deep Horn Insemination, Uterine Flushing and Equine Embryo Transfer Courses are available to you through The Breeder’s Assistant, and you will actually…
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Orange and blue flyer that presents the yearly class schedule for 2023. Call 832-257-5323 and Tina will read the schedule to you.

The Year Long Horse Breeding Class Schedule is Available

Hi Friends! This is what you have you have been waiting for.  We know that it is difficult to get away from the farm.  We have developed a year long equine reproductive class schedule to help you schedule when you are not as busy.  Okay, that sounds like a joke.  WHEN ARE YOU NOT BUSY? …
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New Equipment for Our Equine Reproduction Classes

Learning to manage your own Horse Breeding Program can be a bit intimindating, but learning how to actually do the machanics of Equine Ultrasound doesn’t have to be.  The Breeder’s Assistant Equine Breeding Academy wants to provide a safe and controlled learning enviroment for all students, so we added a new piece of equipment that…
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April is FULL…We have Equine Breeding Classes Available in May.

You still have time to manage your own breeding program! We have been teaching students just like you since 2009!  These quine breeding eclasses are designed so that you can manage you own reproduction program and to give you the valuable gift of time.  Everyone knows that a penny saved is a penny earned.  We…
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What to Expect When you come to our Equine Breeding Classes?!

Is this for real?  Do these people know what they are talking about?  Will this really help? You have been looking  for horse breeding  classes for years and you still haven’t signed up!  You want to manage your own  equine breeding program or you have just finished college and you need more hands on experience. …
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