The Breeders Assistant Article

What to Expect When you come to our Equine Breeding Classes?!

Is this for real?  Do these people know what they are talking about?  Will this really help?
You have been looking  for horse breeding  classes for years and you still haven’t signed up!
 You want to manage your own  equine breeding program or you have just finished college and you need more hands on experience.  You might have doubts that you can do it.
We are here to show you that you can!  This is the 24th year as a “Boutique Academy” and we have been teaching people just like you from all over the world.  We have witnessed how our classes increase the quality of life  for our students and optimized  their reproductive programs.  We have testimony from our graduates that prove they have saved time and money as a result of attendig our Equine Breeding Courses.  We know that this knowledge is a game changer! Whether you need to take our Equine  Ultrasound, Equine AI, Equine Embryo Transfer or Stallion Semen Course, we have an affordable way for you to reach your goals.
The moment you call our Administrator,  you will feel at home and welcome.  She will discuss your goals and the class schedules to make sure that you have a perfect fit.  She will discuss the options of private lessons and how you can get the best value for your money.  As a prior Director at one of the countries largest community colleges, Tina Riddle understands how to provide the optimal learning environment for each and every student.  You are more than just a student when you enroll into the courses, you are now a part of a huge world wide family.  She will help you plan your entire visit and you will have access to our hotline 24 hours a day.  She has even arranged for a discount at our local hotel so that you will be able to stay only 5 minutes away.
The classroom is a working laboratory and you will learn everything you need to know about set up and operation!  Our instructor David Riddle is an incredible teacher and he will teach to your level and will make sure, “you get it”.
Now that you are feeling more at ease, give us a call!  BTW, this is our fancy website picture.
Please contact, Tina Riddle  by email:   or by phone:  832-257-5323 * Courses designed to manage your own breeding program