The Breeders Assistant Article

The Year Long Horse Breeding Class Schedule is Available

Hi Friends!

This is what you have you have been waiting for.  We know that it is difficult to get away from the farm.  We have developed a year long equine reproductive class schedule to help you schedule when you are not as busy.  Okay, that sounds like a joke.  WHEN ARE YOU NOT BUSY?  The Breeder’s Assistant has been teaching vets and non-vets alike for over 20 years. We are ready to save you time and money with your horse breeding program.

Once you take a class with us, it is forever, that means you will always be able to call the instructor, Facetime, Whatsap…zoom….etc. and ask questions or get guildance.  Unlike other schools, we stand with our students to ensure they never feel alone in the learning process.  We host ZOOM sessions before each horse breeding.   Alumni can participate in and we post helpful articles on our student only page.  When it comes to Equine Ultrasound Classes, we promise that you will see why we are so well respected in the horse community.

Figure out what class fits your schedule, then please do not hesitate to enroll.  There are limited  seats and we want to give everyone the opportunity to have the best experience by not over-filling a class.  All materials are included in your equine education.  We want to serve you, so please call us anytime.  832-257-5323.