Specializing in delivering hands-on education for horse breeders. Gain the skills necessary to successfully manage your own breeding program! Equine Ultrasound Courses, Equine Embryo Transfer Courses, Stallion Semen Collection/Evaluation/Freezing and Shipping Courses are waiting for you to enroll!  With over 22 Years of Education, we can help you reach your goals too!



Our instructor, David Riddle is a Texas A&M graduate who is considered a world renowned subject matter expert in Equine Reproduction. With over 26 years of experience, David can help you understand the various aspects of horse reproductive management. David is a certified teacher in the State of Texas and has the necessary education to teach all students, no matter what the level or experience.  Our courses are designed to help the horse breeder gain the skills necessary to successfully manage their own breeding program in a safe and responsible manner. For the descriptions of the various courses offered, please click the "Class Schedule" tab at the top of the page. (Equine Ultrasound is for private use only) Horse Breeding Classes are provided year around in a temperature controlled enviorment.  We have proffessionally developed copyrighted materials to ensure that you leave the facility comfortable with your newly acquired skills.  So weather you need Equine Ultrasound, Artificial Insemination, Equine Embryo Transfer, Stallion Semen Collection/Evaluation/ Freezing and Shipping, Mr. Riddle will present the lecture and hands-on education in a manner that is easily received and retained.


We offer classes all year round. Please check the training schedule, choose a date and sign up today. Classes sell out fast!


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Equine Breeding Classes for 2024

September 19, 2023

Class dates as now available for Equine Ultrasound, Equine Embryo Transfer and Stallion Semen Breeding at our location in Tomball, Texas. Our state of the art facility and copyrighted curriculum is perfect for anyone that wants to learn to breed their own horses. The hands-on academy was developed 22 years ago and has been training alumni from all over the world ever since. From the minute you call Tina Riddle to put down you deposit, you will know that you have made the right decision. After you graduate, you will have unlimited access to one on one phone call and Facetime calls with the lead instructor David Riddle for as long as you need to be successful! The Breeder’s Assistant will show you why they are the most professional and organized private academy in the country.

August Schedule for Equine Breeding Classes

Horse Breeding Classes are Full for August, but we have several seats available in September!

May 11, 2023

I know you!  You have been following us on Facebook and reading over our website for a while now and you just haven’t found the time to come take our classes.  Equine Ultrasound, Deep Horn Insemination, Uterine Flushing and Equine Embryo Transfer Courses are available to you through The Breeder’s Assistant, and you will actually save time by attending.  (Let alone the money you will save by managing your own breeding program.)  June classes were a blast, August classes are full (they will also be awesome), so it is your time to sign up for September classes.  You can register online by clicking on class schedule or you can call, and we can take a 50% deposit over the phone.  This is your time to do something that will reduce expenses and increase quality! Call today with questions or to register, 832-2575-5323.

Orange and blue flyer that presents the yearly class schedule for 2023. Call 832-257-5323 and Tina will read the schedule to you.

The Year Long Horse Breeding Class Schedule is Available

April 13, 2023

Hi Friends! This is what you have you have been waiting for.  We know that it is difficult to get away from the farm.  We have developed a year long equine reproductive class schedule to help you schedule when you are not as busy.  Okay, that sounds like a joke.  WHEN ARE YOU NOT BUSY?  The Breeder’s Assistant has been teaching vets and non-vets alike for over 20 years. We are ready to save you time and money with your horse breeding program. Once you take a class with us, it is forever, that means you will always be able to call the instructor, Facetime, Whatsap…zoom….etc. and ask questions or get guildance.  Unlike other schools, we stand with our students to ensure they never feel alone in the learning process.  We host ZOOM sessions before each horse breeding.   Alumni can participate in and we post helpful articles on our student only page.  When it comes to Equine Ultrasound Classes, we promise that you will see why we are so well respected in the horse community. Figure out what class fits your schedule, then please do not hesitate to enroll.  There are limited  seats and we want to give everyone the…

New Equipment for Our Equine Reproduction Classes

April 12, 2023

Learning to manage your own Horse Breeding Program can be a bit intimindating, but learning how to actually do the machanics of Equine Ultrasound doesn’t have to be.  The Breeder’s Assistant Equine Breeding Academy wants to provide a safe and controlled learning enviroment for all students, so we added a new piece of equipment that you will not see in any other private non-credit program!  The Equine Theriogenology Model from Veterinary Simulator Industries is now a permenant part of the “Hands-On” education that you will receive from our horse reproduction courses. This is what our students are saying, “I never expected to come to such a professional school.  The new horse model took away the anxiety of practing Equine Ultrasound.”, Samanth Poullard. Our dedication is to increase the quality of your program while reducing the cost and we feel that the ability to manage your own equine reproductive program is one of the few places that you can actually reduce  speading.  Taking matters into your own hands is not only possible but fun.  We ensure that we have multiple stocks available so that students aren’t  standing around and we also have ORIGINAL copyrighted materials for you to take home.  We…

April is FULL…We have Equine Breeding Classes Available in May.

April 10, 2023

You still have time to manage your own breeding program! We have been teaching students just like you since 2009!  These quine breeding eclasses are designed so that you can manage you own reproduction program and to give you the valuable gift of time.  Everyone knows that a penny saved is a penny earned.  We feel that this is the one aspect of journey that can save money and yet increase the success and quality of your overall program!.  Learning to synchronize your mares is a game-changer. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do your own Equine Embryo Transfer?  Click onto our Class link at the top of our website.  You can choose the class dates that are best for you.  If you would rather have private lessons, we offer those in our Tomball location or we can come to you!  You have options!!! Fly into IAH, stay in our local hotel and attend our “Boutique Academy”! Check us out of Facebook and see what others have to say! Call 832-257-5323

What to Expect When you come to our Equine Breeding Classes?!

April 9, 2023

Is this for real?  Do these people know what they are talking about?  Will this really help? You have been looking  for horse breeding  classes for years and you still haven’t signed up!  You want to manage your own  equine breeding program or you have just finished college and you need more hands on experience.  You might have doubts that you can do it. We are here to show you that you can!  This is the 24th year as a “Boutique Academy” and we have been teaching people just like you from all over the world.  We have witnessed how our classes increase the quality of life  for our students and optimized  their reproductive programs.  We have testimony from our graduates that prove they have saved time and money as a result of attendig our Equine Breeding Courses.  We know that this knowledge is a game changer! Whether you need to take our Equine  Ultrasound, Equine AI, Equine Embryo Transfer or Stallion Semen Course, we have an affordable way for you to reach your goals. The moment you call our Administrator,  you will feel at home and welcome.  She will discuss your goals and the class schedules to make sure…