The Breeders Assistant Article

New Equipment for Our Equine Reproduction Classes

Learning to manage your own Horse Breeding Program can be a bit intimindating, but learning how to actually do the machanics of Equine Ultrasound doesn’t have to be.  The Breeder’s Assistant Equine Breeding Academy wants to provide a safe and controlled learning enviroment for all students, so we added a new piece of equipment that you will not see in any other private non-credit program!  The Equine Theriogenology Model from Veterinary Simulator Industries is now a permenant part of the “Hands-On” education that you will receive from our horse reproduction courses.

This is what our students are saying, “I never expected to come to such a professional school.  The new horse model took away the anxiety of practing Equine Ultrasound.”, Samanth Poullard.

Our dedication is to increase the quality of your program while reducing the cost and we feel that the ability to manage your own equine reproductive program is one of the few places that you can actually reduce  speading.  Taking matters into your own hands is not only possible but fun.  We ensure that we have multiple stocks available so that students aren’t  standing around and we also have ORIGINAL copyrighted materials for you to take home.  We call it the “cook book”, but unlike your mean Aunt….we don’t leave any ingredients out to make you less successful!  Horse Breeding Classes are available year around because we know that breeding seasons vary across the world.

This Equine Breeding Academy has been our passion since 2009 and we know that we can truly help you reach your goals with our state of the art facility, equipment and materials.