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ELMI CM-7S Plus Benchtop Centrifuge – With Rotor 6M.06



The new ELMI CM-7S Plus is the next generation of our popular CM Benchtop series centrifuge. Our patented and completely redesigned SkySpin motor controller and a large colorful LCD display bring a new level of control and customization to the CM-7S Plus. Redesigned stainless-steel inner bowl and motor cover provide new level of safety, reliability and ease of use. CM-7S Plus is your ideal unit for PRP, PRF, Clinical, Medical, Research or any other application.

  • Compact and Versatile CM-7S Plus, with its exceptionally slim design, is one of the most compact and versatile swing-out centrifuges on the market.
  • Designed for safety. This centrifuge features our completely new stainless steel inner bowl, stainless steel motor cover and new and mover efficient passive cooling system. CM-7S Plus is cold room and refrigerator safe, and comes equipped with a transparent lid and automatic lid lock for extra convenience and safety.
  • Designed from ground up with Medical and PRP applications in mind, our new unit includes variable brake speed, 2300 RCF (3500 RPM), hour counter, rotor imbalance and much more.
  • CM-7S Plus has a huge selection of rotors and adapters to fit almost any size tube.
  • FDA, CE, IEC 61010-1 and ISO 13485 certification

Advanced technology

  • SkySpinTM patented motor controller.
  • Sensorless Accu-Logic architecture.
  • Digital speed and balance controller.
  • Increased durability.
  • Smooth, noiseless and non-heating operation.

Stainless Steel Inner bowl and motor cover
Six different brake speeds.
Simultaneous display of RPM and G-Force on LCD Display
FDA Registered
Custom programming, custom rotors and co-branding for PRP kit Manufactures
Designed in USA, Build in Europe and Supported all over the world!

Rotor 6M.06

Total number of tubes: 6
Max Tube Capacity (ml): 50
Max Tube Size (D x L): 30 x 135 mm
Top Speed (RPM): 3,500

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