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Stallion Collection/Eval/Freeze/Ship Class – Dec-20-21

Equine Collection & Evaluation 

Students will get hands-on practice in stallion handling and management, setting up a laboratory and breeding area, preparation of the AV, comparing a variety of AVs, and semen evaluation including sperm counting, motility and morphology evaluation and the use of laboratory equipment.


Freezing Equine Semen

This class focuses on the development of the hands-on skills & techniques associated with the freezing and utilization of frozen stallion semen.  Each participant will evaluate and centrifuge semen, perform multiple test freezing / freezing protocols and conduct post freezing assessment.  A portion of the lectures will focus on the process of becoming a USDA approved facility for the export of frozen semen as well as the procedures associated with freezing semen for export.


Class size for Stallion Semen Class is very limited.

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