Private Training

2017 Private Training

(Please call 832.916.7433 to discuss a Private Training tailored to your needs and to discuss arrangements)

David Riddle:
Tomball, TX Location

At our Tomball Facility Minimum 2.0 days.

At Your Facility Minimum 2.0 days.

Rates: Class Fee Plus Travel (Airfare, Lodging & Car Rental)

Lodging & Transportation can be provided by the participant(s).

Horses, Equipment & Supplies to be provided by the participant(s).

David Riddle will provide Equipment & Supply purchasing list and assistance as needed.


For those individuals who would like to participate in a private training and are open to or would like 2-3 additional individuals to participate in order to reduce your training fee, we will promote an open seat through our website and Facebook page to assist you in locating additional registrants.

Training includes detailed text books with complete equipment & supply list(s),assistance in identifying, locating and purchasing specific equipment & supply needs, advise on setting up your own facility and unlimited follow-up assistance after the training via e-mail, text or phone. 

For Items preceded by a * click on title for more detailed information:

  1. Artificial Insemination
  2. Collection & Evaluation (w/o Phantom Training & w/o Artificial Insemination)
  3. Collection & Evaluation (with Phantom Training & w/o Artificial Insemination)
  4. Collection & Evaluation (with Phantom Training & with Artificial Insemination)
  5. Cooled Semen for Mare Owners
  6. Cooled Semen for Stallion Owners
  7. Cooled Semen – both Mare & Stallion Owners
  8. Cooled Semen for Mare Owners & Utilizing Frozen Semen
  9. Deep Horn Insemination
  10. Embryo Transfer
  11. Freezing Stallion Semen
  12. Reproductive Management
  13. Reproductive Ultrasound
  14. Uterine Flushing
  15. Utilizing Frozen Semen

For More Information, please complete our Private Training Request