The Breeders Assistant Article

Horse Breeding Classes are Full for August, but we have several seats available in September!

I know you!  You have been following us on Facebook and reading over our website for a while now and you just haven’t found the time to come take our classes.  Equine Ultrasound, Deep Horn Insemination, Uterine Flushing and Equine Embryo Transfer Courses are available to you through The Breeder’s Assistant, and you will actually save time by attending.  (Let alone the money you will save by managing your own breeding program.)  June classes were a blast, August classes are full (they will also be awesome), so it is your time to sign up for September classes.  You can register online by clicking on class schedule or you can call, and we can take a 50% deposit over the phone.  This is your time to do something that will reduce expenses and increase quality! Call today with questions or to register, 832-2575-5323.