David M. Riddle, Instructor

David Riddle started breeding horses at the young age of fifteen years old and by the age of eighteen had built his broodmare band to fourteen mares.  Through the years, David, little by little, picked up on the different aspects of specialized horse breeding that he could perform himself, such as collecting the stallion and then inseminating the mares.

After David graduated from high school, he attended Texas A&M University where he majored in Agricultural Science.  While in college, David continued his horse breeding program which focused on AQHA Halter Horses specifically.  At Texas A&M, David served as President of the Horsemen’s Association, which offered him unique opportunities to work with other students regarding the breeding programs at the Texas A&M Horse Center, as well as aiding in equine reproduction research with students in various Masters Programs.

After graduating college, David had no question what his passion was and pursued that passion knowing one day he would build and operate a world class equine reproduction center.  Over the next few years, in order to obtain his goal, David attended numerous equine breeding short courses including courses offered at Texas A&M University with Dr. Martha Vogelsang, two week short courses offered at Colorado State University with Dr. Squires and Breeders Select courses offered in Aubrey, Texas.  Additionally and most recently, David has attended all of the courses offered by The Breeders Assistant.

Using his twenty years of experience, combined with formal and continuing education, along with his scientific background, David has successfully perfected the unique skill of specialized equine breeding to fulfill his dream.  In 2009, David was able to build a forty stall mare barn, eight stall stud barn and a state of the art breeding facility that includes a technologically advanced, top of the line specialized equine breeding lab located in Tomball, TX and it is fittingly named World Class Horses, LLC.  He is educated and trained in every aspect of breeding including collecting stallions, shipping cooled and frozen semen, storing frozen semen over an extensive period, foaling out mares and breeding mares of all different calibers and breeds of horses.  David is now entrusted to breed some of the world’s finest horses.

Dr. Jim Kubiak, Founder

Jim Kubiak
Dr. Jim Kubiak is an Equine Reproductive Physiologist who moved to Ramona in January 2001. He founded The Breeder’s Assistant, a business that provides reproductive services and delivers reproductive short courses to horse breeders.

Prior to moving to Ramona, Dr. Kubiak served as an Extension Horse Specialist with the Cooperative Extensive Service at North Carolina State University for three years. He coordinated and/or instructed the NC State Horse Breeding Management, Transported Cooled & Frozen Semen and Foaling Management short courses for horse owners in the southeastern United States.

Dr. Kubiak also coordinated and instructed Canada’s Horse Reproductive Schools at Olds College located in Olds, Alberta, Canada from 1988 to 1997. He also taught breeding, foaling, genetics and production management courses to students enrolled in the college’s Equine Science Diploma program.

Dr. Kubiak is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University where he received his Ph.D. degree in Reproductive Physiology. He completed his Master’s degree in Animal Science in 1984 and Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Agriculture in 1981 while attending Colorado State University.

January of 2016 after 5 years of teaching for the Breeder’s Assistant, David Riddle is thankful to the Kubiak family for giving him the opportunity to purchase the business of the breeders assistant.  Dr. Kubiak and David Riddle maintain a great friendship and a working relationship for consulting purposes.