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June 2, 2016

Equine Reproduction Classes in October!

Our Tomball, Texas facility will have various classes in October to prepare the students for the upcoming breeding season.
October 1-3:  Equine Embryo Transfer (1,500.00)
October 13-14: Ultrasound ($1000.00)
October 15: Utilizing Frozen Semen, Uterine Flushing, & Deep Horn Insemination ($500.00)
October 26-27 : Stallion Collection & Evaluation ($1,000.00)
October 28-29: Freezing Semen ($1,500.00)
Free contact us with by email:   or by phone:  832-916-7433 ask for Tina Riddle


  1. Olive Broderick says:

    I would like to attend a course on deep horn insemination and also on embryo flushing.
    I am already experienced in most other aspects of repro. I would be able to travel in October.

  2. Hi Olive, please email with your number so we can discuss your upcoming classes. We are excited to have you in our class!

    Tina Riddle
    The Breeder’s Assistant

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