Equine Reproduction Classes in Ohio! July 2018

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June 2, 2016

Equine Reproduction Classes in Ohio! July 2018

We are headed to Crystal Springs Stable in Millersburg, OH in July!
Back by popular demand, David will be traveling to Amish Country to teach 2 Blocks of  Ultrasound and Deep Horn Insemination/Utilizing Frozen Semen/Uterine Flushing Classes.
This is a chance of a lifetime and we hope that you can make it.  As always, space is limited.  Lunch and all class materials are provided.  Please call for registration and pricing.
Please contact, Tina Riddle  by email: breedersassistant@gmail.com   or by phone:  832-916-7433 ask for Tina Riddle


  1. Olive Broderick says:

    I would like to attend a course on deep horn insemination and also on embryo flushing.
    I am already experienced in most other aspects of repro. I would be able to travel in October.

  2. Hi Olive, please email breedersassistant@gmail.com with your number so we can discuss your upcoming classes. We are excited to have you in our class!

    Tina Riddle
    The Breeder’s Assistant

  3. L says:


    Can anyone do those courses or do you need to be a vet to do some of those?

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