Class Evaluation Testimonials

Tamer El Saadany, Dixon California

Sahara Arabians

The Breeder’s Assistant has changed my perspective on breeding. Jim presents a lot of information but brings it together in a rather simple concept. The information I received assisted in the identification of crucial variables that may need to addressed properly to avoid loss. The Breeder’s Assistant showed me new and cost effective ways by which we can manage our equine assets more carefully in order to secure sustainable, profitable breeding seasons. I appreciate all the services and consulting that Jim and his staff have to offer, and would recommend them to any one that is looking to achieve success in an ever shrinking equine economy.

Karen Myers, Binghamton, New York

Myers Reining Horses

The courses were extremely informative, and the hands on training techniques are amazing. Great job David!

Ashleigh Bennet

Allerage Farm

July 2017 -  Absolutely fantastic class! David definitely caters to his specific audience and made sure that we learned everything we could in the 3 days we were with him! Definitely recommend this class to everyone in the equine breeding industry.

Ashley Johnson Smallwood

March 2017- Took 2 of the classes offered and i can not wait to take more of Davids classes they are fantastic!!! Amanda and David are amazong people with a huge amount of knowledge and teaching style you can easily learn from!

Amber Pruchnick, Allerage Farm, PA

Allerage Farm

July 2017- David Riddle put on a wonderful class and taught me a lot! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in excelling their knowledge in Equine Breeding. I learned tips and tricks that weren't taught to me in my four year degree program.